An example of endogamy in my family

The known ancestors of my maternal grandmother, Elisabetha Antoni, have all different family names. For this reason, I was not thinking much about endogamy in my family until recently, when the results of two of my grandmother’s second cousins came in.

The idea behind testing V.A. and E.A.S. was the hope to map additional DNA segments to the line of my great grandfather Heinrich Antoni. To my surprise, however, the amount of shared DNA was unusually high for a relationship this distant.

According to the Bettinger table, the average amount of shared DNA for a 2C1R is 123cM and 74cM for a 2C2R.

However, the results of my family looked like this:

What was going on here?

Visual Phasing of Chromosome 1 – updated version using Steven Fox’s Excel spreadsheet

If you have the possibility to test three full siblings, then the next great thing you could do with your DNA results is to try out the Visual Phasing technique developed by Kathy Johnston. It allows you to map the segments of your chromosomes to your four grandparents (without having them or your parents tested)…